Archaeological Survey in El-metemma Area

Archaeological Survey in El-metemma area

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Nada Babiker Mohammed Ibrahim

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Due  to the lack of the researches of Archaeology of the West area of Shendi, we make an Archaeological Survey on the area of Matamma.The important of what comes out is that there is no existence of higher buildings in comparison with those of the east bank of the Nile as there

Still remains; the remains of the Kush Civilization on the Surface. This may mean that the West bank is a place of setting for the Workers and the public who save the needs of the Royal Family on the east bank of the Nile.



-The Khalawy and the Gibab, i.e the domes, reflect the Religious importance in the area.

–  The most archaeological Sites, which still remain in Matamma, go back to the Era of Mahadiah.

-The progress of the local weaving, as there were establishing of the Factories in the Turkish ruling Era (The Colour Khana Factory).

-The passive influence of the Agricultural projects, and the Matamma-Shendi Bridge on the archaeological sites that lie on the banks of the Nile.

–   There is no existence of higher remains on the west side of the River Nile such as palaces and temples as that found on the east bank of the Nile. May be, the west bank, is the dwelling place for the laborer’s and for agricultural products, as it is still a field of cultivation of high production that the dwellers of the east bank depend on it.