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  • تاريخ البحث: 1-1-2012

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Novel space study always represents an objective for many researchers in most literary works of the French author-Emile Zola- which characterized by an accurate specification of this novel space. The important of this literary aspect lies in the precise reflection of the adverb of place in which the hero came to the event place. We noticed that this adverb of place also reflects the adverb of time with all historical, economical and social facts. The coming of the hero to the event place is not an ordinary movement but on the contrary it is an amount of information enhance the reader to know all circumstances surrounding the hero and the rest of the novel personalities in all study novels Zola has his own strategy when the hero comes to the event place. All heroes of the three novels come from outside and they were not born in the event place. This characteristic make them as new comers who will discover mysteries.



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